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Australian Pines – A cautionary tale…

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      A couple of years ago, down here in Florida, my son brought home some pine seedlings and planted them in the side yard.  I live in a subdivision, my house is one of two on the outside of a curve, so I have a pie-shaped lot a bit less than half an acre.  We all have fenced yards.  Anyway, he said these seedlings were from trees at a buddy’s house out in the boonies, they grew tall and sounded wonderful when the wind blew through them.    I was not really happy about them, but it was the other side of the house.

      Well, folks, Australian Pine trees are RIGHTFULLY listed as an invasive species here in Florida.  They send out big thick lateral roots and if left unchecked, just take over everything.  Like my side yard and my neighbor’s side yard.  Little baby pine trees sprout up from the running roots.  And the roots burrow under concrete slabs, where the water pipes are.   Found out my son’s buddy told him about this, but son did not believe they could be that bad.   We chopped down the little ones, and paid someone to chop down the BIG ones.  First guy to give an estimate took a look – TALL trees, three times and more as tall as my house – and said you know you need a permit.  Then looked again and said OMG those are Australian Pines!  Get rid of them!!!!!  As far as I can tell, if I notified the government, I would just get ordered to get rid of them, with a date after which I would get fined.   Last load of branches going to the dump today, but there are about 50 or so cute little tree sprouts popped up, at least we know where to look for the roots.

      I am using something called Bonide on fresh cuts to the roots.  Not sure it works, as yet.  If anyone has any other suggestions, that would be great.  We pull up what we can, but some roots are too big to pull up.

      I do think these would solve California’s mudslide problems!

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      I think we will pass. We inherited Australia’s eucalyptus trees.  Someone had the bright idea of importing them to replace all the giant redwoods they cut down to build all those nice craftsman style houses in Berkeley. I actually like eucalyptus, but they are a pain in the ass.

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      Florida sure has a bunch of problems with invasive species.

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