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Good start! …

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    Started about 50 last Wednesday, starting to germ in 5-days which is about average. Heated mats and adjustable light. Includes mostly tried and true but also some newbies I am excited about. Probably 5-6 weeks before can xplant. This weekend will focus on lettuce and spuds.


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    You must be in Grow Zone 3  –  I’m borderline 4/5. I can’t put xplants out til the end of May. Yeah, short season. But I’ll be setting up my shelves and lights very soon. With the virus madness, I’m trying to think of the veggies that are easy to freeze. I plant green peas early outdoors. I wanted to put them in the ground yesterday but my rototiller proved stubborn and wouldn’t start for me.

    There are other ways to do it…

    Happy growing!

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