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Has anyone grown Lavender from seeds successfully?

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    Early January I stratified my seeds for 25 days on

    paper in the fridge, then put them under light for

    a while at ~70 degrees. When I saw tiny roots coming

    out I transferred them carefully into my potting mix.

    It has been ~14 days and nothing seems to come up.

    Was this a lost cause or am I too impatient?

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    I’m watching this because I have the same questions…I have a nice Lavender plant on my deck and I tried to mix sand into the potting soil to help it drain and prevent rot but I don’t know if it made it through winter yet.

    I have seeds for Lavender and your question may provide experience I don’t have. Thanks!

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    I’ll let you know whether they come up or not. They

    are slow growers, and I should have started this in

    the middle of December. At any rate, I followed

    the google video on “starting Lavender from seeds”.

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    interesting. I will check for that video. I have never grown them from seed but I’ve tried other herbs–and failed.

    My friend a few blocks away has a lavender patch so I plan to ask her for a few starts.



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    One thing I found that helped was making my own potting soil. Lavender prefers alkaline soil, and most potting mixes use peat, which increases the acidity. It also needs good drainage. Last year, I got about 75% germination using a mix of vermiculite and coconut coir, which provided both the drainage and the alkalinity. I believe they sprouted in a few weeks, and they were all nice little plants by the end of the summer.

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