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I have asked this before, but got no reply. So here I go

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    again: We are plagued with the Japanese beetle. Thus I give up

    on my dahlias for this year. Does anyone know whether these

    pestilent critters eat lilies as well? After all, I am unwilling to

    grow only Black-eyed Susan and Marygolds. My information

    about Geranium plants is that they have to be in pots on the

    concrete, so that one can squash the temporarily stunned


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    Yes, they absolutely do eat lilies. Decimated my stargazers and white Oriental lilies. Didn’t touch the tiger lilies or wood lilies, though. And of course, the day lilies (which aren’t really lilies) were spared.  They also enjoyed the roses and echinacea, though not to the same extent.

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      Thanks! And damnation! I just ordered several

      oriental ones. Thus now I have to look for the

      Tiger ones. Those beetles have shown up here around

      the beginning of July. I tried for a time to fight them

      with Cedar oil for a while, but stopped after a while.

      So I will see none of my roses from July on, which is

      sad, because I have more than 10 bushes. I just got

      some Larkspur and Delphinium seeds to start, because

      they were spared last year.

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    I understand tiger lilies are resistant. Japanese beetles are nasty little buggers.

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      Thanks, you can say that again! Just because a few

      of us on our block used the milky spore it won’t keep them

      away, since they travel happily within a 5 mile radius.

      Even our Botanic Garden suffers severely.


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