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Keeping critters away!

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      Jan Boehmerman
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      Deer, groundhogs, rabbits etc. Recommendations?

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      Hire a big dog, no joke!

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      NV Wino
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      I have a deer spray that I use that is peppermint based. It also keeps groundhogs away. Spray it and it lasts about 30 days.  However this is not a good option for crops like lettuce. The best kind IMO is Deer Out. All of the deer sprays, however, are expensive, and mine was $38 for the bottle. This, however, will prol’ly last you the rest of your life. I’ve had mine for years (maybe around 8) and it’s still effective.

      Another tactic I’ve tried is a motion-activated sprayer. I didn’t like this because of difficulties locating it so it would spray a deer or whatever was raiding my garden. Plus you have to outwit the device yourself. There’s a way to do it but it’s a PITA, so I’m not using this right now.  Oh and another thing, you have to have it hooked up to the water all the time which means you have to have very tight hose connections, otherwise you’re dripping water and adding to your water bill.

      The thing that seems least expensive is an actual physical cover. I really like Agfabric floating row covers.  Rain gets through them, they are quite large, and if I recall correctly I only paid about $11.65 for each one and I probably bought around 10 of them.  Here the disadvantage is that you can’t see your crops unless you pull the fabric back. You should also probably install hoops over the raised bed to hold up the fabric.  And then there’s the anchoring of the fabric, which you have to manage.  Not a big deal.





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      I have few problems with my garden that is enclosed by cyclone fence.

      Around here the critters are such big eaters that I see suburban home owners actually constructing complete enclosures, covered with screening. I might take some pictures of them and post them. It’s really pretty amazing how far people go around here to have a garden.

      I have one school garden located in a neighborhood where the squirrels are so bothersome that many gardeners have just given up on tomatoes.

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      Ohio Barbarian
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      Nothing stops the deer if they’re in your neighborhood. They seem to have developed an immunity to all the sprays, and if they’re hungry enough(which they always get that way ’cause there’s too damned many of them) they’ll eat everything except ferns and other “deer-resistant” plants.

      And I can’t even shoot them. We’ve given up.

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      Jan Boehmerman
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      @mrdmk @njcher @ohiobarbarian @nvwino @pam2

      Spray animal repellant, chicken wire cages around some plants, and keep my fingers crossed.
      Dogs are good protection against most four legged critters, but the garden is at my neighbors’…. and they don’t like dogs.
      I’m familiar with those sensor “booby trap” sprayers. They work good on deer and nosey humans too. But they have to be connected to running water all the time and they don’t work on smaller critters like, squirrels etc.

      Thanks again everybody. I’ll let you know how it works out. This is a learning experience.

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