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Need a good organic non gmo seed source

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      Wanting to plant some savory, chervil, moringa, fenugreek, sweet marjoram, sorrel, kapoor, catmint, and magnus lovage. Thank You for any suggestions 😉😄😉


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      Mr. Mickeys Mom
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      I was gonna look through it today, as it’s that kind of day where you dream of your next garden. I opened it up right to the page starting with Chervil, and that seed did not have the “OG” indicator, but you can at least delineate which ones are organic, as they are clearly marked. I’ve had very good luck with most of what I’ve purchased.

      It’s TerritorialSeed.com
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      whose farmer is so basic/organic if you will that he plows with horses. No machines allowed.  I know that he subscribes to a lot of seed catalogues / seed exchanges that are extremely ‘pristine’….I’ll ask him what he would recommend but it will take time to get back to you…..One you may or may not have heard of is ‘Johnny’s Seeds’…but I will ask him what he recommends…

      Here’s the web page for Johnny’s Seeds – they look like what you’re after but I’ll also ask my share farmer.


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        But you might want to consider a seed company that’s located similar to your growing zone or latitude. The good seed companies work hard to test, grow, and cultivate varieties for their geography. I’ve used Johnny’s for about 10 years very successfully. They are located in Maine which has very similar growing season to Minnesota.

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      Thanks, all, i will check these places out!! 😉

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      Sow True Seeds, Seed Savers Exchange, Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. I have some lovage and dwarf moringa that I can send you. Send me your address in a private message.

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