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    Arugula, leeks, eggplant, peppers, beet. I germinate them on jute mats, then transfer to seed cells like what you see on the right.

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    You must be south of me 🙂 I am just starting seeds in MN now cannot xplant until Mother’s Day, solid zone 4. I considered starting on jute mats in the past may give it a try this year, thanks for the reminder!

    My garden is small about 120 row feet. Well tended raised beds with plenty of wormy compost and mulch. This year shifting to more tomatoes, we skipped past two years due to blight, very excited including some paste favs and some heirloom experiments. Plus the usual bevy of both hot and savory peppers. And beans and peas. And eggplant and leeks.

    Absent this year are most root vegetables. Will try some new potato experiments and will definitely add some radishes – but no onions, carrots, or beets. No lettuce or cabbage. No corn. I never do melons.

    Big change – no cukes. I do not eat a lot of fresh cukes I mostly pickle them. I have tried and tried to grow small gherkins but mostly fail. Not a fan of slices or spears so just going to buy small cukes from coop or CSA and reclaim a lot of garden.

    The small strawberry patch looks good both June and Ever bearing. 5th year. The blackberries confound me, this will be 4th year of just guessing and hoping. Tons of wild raspberries they’re basically invasive weed here.

    Lastly – okra in MN! This is my 6th year trying to grow okra. People think I’m crazy. I started and grew awesome okra 2015 & 2016 but 2017-2019 were total busts, quickly died xplant. The only reason I keep trying is because I love pickled okra and when it worked it was amazing!

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    but okra has the most beautiful flower.

    Enjoyed reading about your gardening plans!


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