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What Seeds Have You Started?

  • NJCher (2320 posts)
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    What Seeds Have You Started?

    On Jan 29, I started cold weather seeds like kale, spinach, bok choy, etc. So far only the kale and the baby bok choy is up. Oh, and I started basil, too, but it’s not up yet.  Likes warmer weather.

    On Feb. 13, I soaked yellow banana pepper, regular green and red peppers, some heirloom tomatoes (Aunt Ruby’s German green, but also some yellow pear tomatoes) , lettuces, plus flowers like four o’clocks.

    I have a lot of impatiens I overwintered, as well as begonias, so I’ll be doing cuttings of them soon, too.

    I have two new plant lights, so I’m excited about having better transplants this year.  Also, I have quite a number of cold frames outdoors to get a jump on my spring plants.


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  • RadicleFantast (1629 posts)
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    1. I'm reluctant to even guess

    when our last frost might be. Strange weather this winter.

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  • libodem (1034 posts)
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    2. Just starting to think about my garden

    The snow was a foot deep on the ground since December.

    My ferns survived under it. My strawberries lived. I have some chard, lettuce, and spinich that overwintered under the snow. Now, it may actually freeze.

    No seedlings for me.

    My herbs lived. I might have messed with the parsley too soon and killed it though.

    I have cilantro babies coming up in this cold.

  • BlueAK (1709 posts)
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    3. I've started

    11 (!) varieties of tomatoes, and then some flowers that a friend sent up to me – morning glories (which I have no idea if they’ll grow here), delphiniums, lilies of the valley (an experiment), lupines, and one other thing I can’t remember right now.  Oh, dianthus.  I’ve also got some poppy seeds I’ll be starting later.  I don’t even know where I’m going to put all these flowers.

    I usually buy veggie starts from the nursery rather than starting seeds because we have a short growing season, and I only have limited grow lights in the house.

  • NJCher (2320 posts)
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    4. some tips

    Here are a few tips from my recent seed-sowing experiences.

    First, after some of my cells dried out and the little seedlings died, I took some plastic report covers and cut them the size of a cell six pack.  Then I covered each cell with this plastic. This has helped immensely.

    I used to use plastic bags, but they’re unsightly and cause a problem taking a “quick look,” which I, ever the impatient gardener, is always doing.

    Here’s another one:  heat mat.  The heat mats are expensive. I have one, but I can’t find it. :(  So rather than buy a new one at $37, I decided to improvise.  I decided to do this after viewing a blog posting that showed tomatoes at 3″ or more after seeding only five weeks prior. Well, I seeded five weeks prior, and my tomatoes are just little cotyledons.

    So I took an old drawer and lined it with heavy-duty foil. After that, I put my heating pad in it and covered it with a thin sheet of styrofoam. Then I put my cells in it. We’ll see how fast this helps them grow.

    There are lots of tips out there for adding bottom heat for seedlings. Just Google make heated propagation mat  or DIY seed propagation mat.

    One of the easiest I saw at youtube was a simple wooden box with a couple ceramic based lamps mounted to the sides. Put a metal cover on it and you have a heated surface.

    Needless to say, you have to be really careful that you set this up so you don’t have a fire. Most of the pages I consulted were aware of this possibility and had what I’d consider safe systems, using fireproof materials such as vinyl, etc.





  • iggy (1710 posts)
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    5. Garlic

    I had some cloves that had been sitting at room temperature for over 2 Years. They had begun to sprout, so I put them up Yesterday. They were quite shriveled, but their effort deserved a second chance.

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