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Required Reading

  • libodem (1034 posts)
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    Required Reading

    Necessity for understanding  personal, professional and national security.

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  • 99thMonkey (3780 posts)
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    1. JPR Rec

  • Downwinder (1736 posts)
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    2. Sounds like a Troll's Manuel.

  • mmonk (1869 posts)
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    3. Excellent.

    • INTJ (2570 posts)
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      4. Frankly, I'm confused.

      Calling a link excellent that calls people toxic because they have a personality disorder, or a mental disorder I don’t get

      Did I close the link too soon?  I actually did read the list of features of toxic manipulative people, that are basic behaviors of most people, including mentally well people.


      I'm not going to argue  ...  just post 2 faux-facs and I'll see them in the morning.
  • VoiceOfReason (989 posts)
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    5. thanks libodem

    very informative.

    "Men who do evil brilliantly are often admired"  Voltaire BERN BABY BERN!!  War is madness!