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      As I posted earlier, the therapist I have been talking to (video chat, telehealth, whatever) is someone who is a Trump follower, very right wing.  Up until now, we haven’t talked a whole lot about religion.  Yet, for me, in therapy, when I discuss the things that are bothering me – some of those things are controversial.  Such as, for example, the appointment of Barrett to the supreme court.  Such as the question of freedom of choice – or not.  LGBTQ, womens rights, equality under the law – or not.  While I was raised Catholic and taught to view certain things in certain ways, I have long since broken with that teaching.

      It struck me as bizarre, when I asked the question, that it led to him talking a great deal about Jesus being our personal lord and savior.  About what condemns one to hell and does not, about forgiveness and so on and so forth.  I have a much better understanding of the man now.  He genuinely believes, that one can only find redemption, heaven, what have you – by following what he refers to as the “word of Christ”.  Which, apparently, is accepting Christ as your savior, the bible, etc.  And this… this is a modern social worker.  A man who has studied and qualified for certifications.

      To be fair – I did begin the conversation by speaking of my concern about religious extremism in the Supreme court and what that mean for society.  So I suppose it is, at least in part, my own fault.  I did not tell him to stop, I did not announce my disagreement, I simply listened, commenting as was necessary.  The way I have always tried to be – is that I will listen to someone about their faith – and I will try not to judge.  It is when they tell me that only their specific kind of faith is valid that I lose respect for their “faith”.  For such a thing as he described is not faith.

      It is the condemnation of the different.  It is the belief in morality so very black and white… so very “absolute”.  I believe that there are many paths to walk that lead to the same destination.  I do not believe that destination is hell (whether as a state of mind, or an actual place) I believe that it is incumbent upon all of us, to do the best we can with what we are given.  To be kind, decent, compassionate, humble, to the best of our ability.  I do not believe that anything is written in stone (beyond what is literally written in stone) – I do not believe that it requires religion, a belief in a specific higher power.

      I can empathize with those of faith.  What I can never understand is how they can view the world and humanity with such cruelty.  If we do not do A, B and C – we are condemned to hell.

      It is… surprising and disappointing to me that a therapist (lLCSW) believes this way.  If you believe that peoples souls… their entire beings are condemned to hell, that they are damned… how can you truly believe in helping them or saving them?  Only by, essentially, converting them to your own brand.

      THIS is why we should not have a religious extremist on the Supreme court – or in any position that pertains to government or law.  THIS is why there is a separation of church and state.  The right to be different, to believe as we choose.  There are consequences for actions and for breaking the law and such – but absolute morality/right and wrong as governed by the state – as dictated by religion?  We are heading towards a very dark future.

      I must, therefor, in accordance with my own principles, break with this therapist – as many suggested I do in my earlier OP.  I do not know, ultimately, whether or not there is a higher power.  I believe in simple principle, in doing what we find to be right – and generally speaking, in the golden rule.  I cannot respect a person who is, as I can only see, extremely ignorant.  Humanity is not ugly – it is not beautiful.  It is both and neither.  It is not up to some religious person or institution to judge us, to condemn us, nor to dictate to law or society as a whole.  It is, in anything resembling a democracy or a place where choice is valued… it is the will of the public.

      I realize that we do not live in a genuine democracy.  I realize that we live in an actual fascist oligarchy – and yet, that these particular sorts of individuals (such as Barrett) are in positions of such power… makes me wonder.  It makes me wonder if we will have to one day struggle to fight not only the wealthy and their minions – but those who would condemn us all for not being what they personally consider to be “Christian”.

      I am sad… and ultimately, just more depressed.  Not my first bad experience with therapy.

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      Ohio Barbarian
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      Clearly, this one never had a chance of working out for you. I know nothing about therapy or therapists, so I’ll just wish you good luck and leave it at that.

      Never let your morals stop you from doing the right thing.--Isaac Asimov

      The United States is also a one-party state but, with typical American extravagance, they have two of them.--Julius Nyerere

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