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Happy New Year! Photos from this morning.

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      I was being a bit lazy so just did a short trip to Napa along the waterfront. Ran into a bunch of homeless people, who without exception, greeted me with a smile and a Happy New Year. The city is full of sculptures. This sits in front of a restaurant.
      Jan 1 2019 010


      Jan 1 2019 011


      Bicycle rims designed to rotate and move with the wind.
      Jan 1 2019 035


      This is in front of CIA at Copia. The logo for the restaurant is a fork…
      Jan 1 2019 063


      made of forks, which reflected my red jacket.
      Jan 1 2019 065


      They added an abstract, colorful mural since the last time I was there.
      Jan 1 2019 060


      I saw this sweet ride in downtown Napa. It was for sale.
      Jan 1 2019 058


      Interesting trees. The small limbs were a vibrant red. Don’t know what they are.
      Jan 1 2019 056

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