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Cub fans? Are we getting nervous yet?

  • Biddy Early (146 posts)
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    Cub fans? Are we getting nervous yet?

    I think they’re tired and will perk up after the AllStar Game.¬† Fingers and toes crossed.

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  • Doremus Jessup (2223 posts)
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    1. I prefer the goat myth myself.

    2017 or 2018. Not this year, though being a Cardinal fan and a NL Central fan, I would be happy to see them win sooner than later. One pitcher short at the moment. I think Madden will have them ready for the stretch run. That’s what is so great about baseball. Whoever gets hot at playoff time can win it all. I can see path to the playoffs for the Cardinals this year. There is still time for a wild card run but we just don’t have the bats or the bullpen to get there. I hope I’m wrong. I also hope de wallet sells the damn team. He’s not there to win a series, he just wants to make money. He’s doing that hand over fist.

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