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Done With NFL All Star Wrestling Show

  • Dont call me Shirley (3106 posts)
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    Done With NFL All Star Wrestling Show

    After watching the cheating hearts of the Refs game after game the past few years, tonight’s game between the Broncos/Panthers did me in. The Refs work for the bookies plain and clear. The fix is in on every game. It’s no fun watching Cam Newton or any other player get knocked out almost unconscious and no calls for roughing the passer or offset calls. No holding calls for choking Panthers. No calls against a Bronco for trying to start a fight with the passer. No calls for pass interference on Denver but plenty of calls against the team the bookies have picked to lose.

    So instead of being angry, I quit watching NFL All Star Wrestling. And so did my husband. We’re both done after 25 years of watching games together. It’s no fun anymore.

    The game rigging is so blatant just like Her cheating to win the Primary. The Refs can vote for the Cheater because that’s what they are like Her Cheaters.

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  • Doremus Jessup (3134 posts)
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    1. They lost me in 77 when Renfro was 2 yards in bounds for the Oilers

    in the end zone and was ruled out by the back judge 3 feet away versus the steelers. Vegas always wins. Baseball umpires are on the hook as well as NBA officials. The play on a passed ball which was a foul ball today was one of the worst calls ever. Jim Joyce behind the plate with the money on the over on the total is my guess. 10-7 final with the strike zone the size of a mail box. Catcher reached back twice for a new ball and the hitter got back in the box ready for the next pitch. 4 guys can’t hear wood hit with a 90 MPH fastball? Hinch got tossed arguing the call. Astros are in the hunt for a wild card. Over 100 comments on MLB.com with Indian fans who got the call expressing outrage. Everything is crooked anymore. We will soon see the day in baseball where there are no black ball players and a few Mike Trouts so the owners have green card slaves. I’m an Albert freak and he hasn’t walked in about a month. He knows he won’t get a call so he goes up hacking and still seldom strikes out. Still putting up the numbers after 16 years and playing for a really terrible team. Cardinals did not want him breaking Stan’s records. Now the Cardinals will miss out on the playoffs with a bunch of hitters who hit it out of the park or strike out. Feast or famine but dewallet will make an assload of money from a stadium that tax payers pay for.

    Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity. End ALL occupations and bring the troops home.
  • Seabass (6 posts)
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    2. Yep…it's blatant now…

    Try being a Lions fan…

    Green Bay gets all the calls.

    You have the most ludicrous witch-hunt against Brady for deflating footballs that can’t even be proven.

    Then you have league golden boy favourite Aaron Rodgers ADMITTING he deflates his footballs and nary a peep…

    It’s a joke.  A sad joke considering how much time I put into following this charade.


    • misanthroptimist (759 posts)
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      4. "Try being a Lions fan…"

      Oh, I hear you loud and clear. I’m a Giants fan, but I’ve never seen a team get ripped off the way the Lions have over the past four or five years. It’s amazing how badly you guys get screwed by the refs, game in, game out. I’d go through three or four TV sets a year if I was a Lions fan.

      "We watched the tragedy unfold; We did as we were told; We bought and sold; It was the greatest show on Earth; But then it's over" -Roger Waters, Amused to Death
  • misanthroptimist (759 posts)
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    3. I understand

    I keep threatening, but fifty year habits die hard. Still, Roger Goodell’s Football-Related Entertainment Product is less than rewarding. I’ve been toying with college football, but there’s so many games and the BCS (or whatever they’re calling it now) doesn’t exactly excite me, either.

    I miss the old days of the NFL when defense was allowed and TDs were earned rather than expected; when ties weren’t the worst thing in the world; when the game was over in three hours far more often then not; when the commentators discussed the actual games rather than tried to prove how smart they were; when half-time shows on TV discussed the games you weren’t watching as opposed to now where a panel of “experts” try to tell me what I just watched.

    I also can’t stand challenges and reviews for a variety of reasons.

    I also can’t fathom why the NFL has both overtime and 2-point conversions. If you don’t want games to end tied, fine. Make it illegal to make a tie in the 4th quarter. If a TD and XP would tie the score in the 4th quarter, require them to go for two. If a FG would tie the game, force them to go for the TD or 1st down instead. You avoid ties, add drama, and keep game time a bit shorter. But I guess that would eat into the profits, and the NFL being the cash-starved league that it is…oh, wait.

    Yeah, Goodell has about ruined the game.

    "We watched the tragedy unfold; We did as we were told; We bought and sold; It was the greatest show on Earth; But then it's over" -Roger Waters, Amused to Death