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How 'bout those Blue Jackets?

  • hippiechick (1350 posts)
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    How 'bout those Blue Jackets?


    I’m more of a college hockey fan than NHL but there isn’t really any decent hockey here in Central Indiana, so I’ve been to Nationwide for a couple events (including the World Cup Exhibition – where I caught a puck!) and have been impressed with the facility, the organization and how the team at least always tries to win. Wasn’t sure what to expect given Torts’ disastrous run as coach of Team USA to start the season, but …

    Glad to see them on such a good run. It’s gonna end at some point but man, what fun they must be having! And Bobrowsky? 1.9 GAA? Wow!!

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  • Quinn (201 posts)
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    1. Just got in but think I heard going for some kind of record tomorrow

    Against the caps. Watched the caps play last night and looked pretty good so this should be good game. Want to see this and with the USA going against Canada in gold medal game tomorrow u20 Jr cup it should be a good night of hockey. On edit checked it out, they could tie the record for win streak. Pens in 93 set it. Good story finished eight last yr guess in there division or something, nice turnaround.

    • Quinn (201 posts)
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      2. Caps ended the streak tonite

      Canada vs USA gold metal game a till going on, it’s headed to OT. For a 20 min period,.been a great game, USA came back twice after falling behind by 2 goals twice good stuff.  Time for Columbus get new streak going now.


  • Quinn (201 posts)
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    3. Leafs fan

    Game 38 tonite of season for them watching pregame here  (was hoping to find Penn St game, not on) but was interesting mentioned. The 2 teams played in the finials were 10th and 13th in their conferences at this point last yr. Lot of hockey yet, enjoy.