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How Trump Lost Sports as a Political Strategy

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      “Football was the ultimate purple sport,” said Joe Lockhart, a former N.F.L. executive who was the White House press secretary for former President Bill Clinton. “Republicans and Democrats weren’t Republicans and Democrats; they were Patriots fans or Jets fans. It brought the country together.

      “Trump sought to divide that. He wins by subtracting. To a certain extent, he succeeded for a little bit. But by the end of June this year, it was a complete failure for him.”

      Upon seeing disturbing video of Floyd being fatally pinned beneath the knee of a police officer — four years after the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick knelt to protest racial injustice and police violence — people “understood the outrage in a new way and why a Black player would want to exercise his or her right to protest,” said Kevin Sullivan, the communications director for former President George W. Bush.


      “I thought we won that battle with the N.F.L.,” Trump said.

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      Remember that the initial lockdowns happened literally the week before March Madness was supposed to start, and when the NBA & NHL were heading for the playoffs, and MLB was beginning Spring Training. All of which ceased to exist overnight. The 2020 Olympics, as well, for that matter.

      Given Cheeto’s absolutely pathetic response to the pandemic, especially over time, as it was clear that other countries were handling it much better, sports fans had to blame the Orange Imbecile for killing off sports, along with everything else.

      In the last couple of months, sports have made somewhat of a comeback, with a mutated “playoff season” for baseball & basketball. College football has been a mess, with some conferences starting much later than others, and every conference cancelling or postponing games due to somebody testing positive for the Cheetoplague. So there’s a lot of reasons for sports fans to remain frustrated. And why not blame it on the idiot who didn’t do his damn job to have some sort of sane response to the worst pandemic in a century.

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      They enforced their rules. Their contact-tracing has been superb. They’ve effectively controlled outbreaks with their teams and their in-person fans. Of course, they had the money to do all of that, but they did, so credit where credit is due.

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