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Red Sox fans check in – huge question

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    Red Sox fans check in – huge question

    I’ve been a Sox fan since 1967 (I was 11 – watched the first game at the RI shore with my grandfather).

    Is it time for John Farrell to go?  Or Carl Willis?  Or both?

    Why, when David Price identified his wind up issue and fixed it and pitched well for a few games, has he regressed back to the way he used early in the year (no glove lift, low leg kick) – it is not surprising to me to see him getting lit up.

    I watch or listen to every game – they have so much talent, but the team seems to be aimless and drifting…

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  • Depaysement (712 posts)
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    1. Note

    Brian Bannister will now dress for games as assistant PC.  That may be related.

    The Sox have a lot of injuries.  Pretty likely that DD picks up a back of the rotation starter at the deadline.


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