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So you think you're a sports fan. Check this out!

  • Green Dog Dem (1466 posts)
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    So you think you're a sports fan. Check this out!

    Mom and Republican Stepdad live in Manhattan, and have a weekend place down at the Jersey shore. They’ve been having trouble with Comcast down there, believe it or not  — so they went back to NYC today so he could watch the games!  I guess he’s never heard of a sports bar. 

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    Aloha! KamaAina in the hale (house).

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  • VoiceOfReason (989 posts)
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    1. Maybe they don't like the smell

    of sport bars and slobbering drunks screaming and puking.

    "Men who do evil brilliantly are often admired"  Voltaire BERN BABY BERN!!  War is madness!