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The hounding of Gabby Douglas

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    The hounding of Gabby Douglas

    Gabby Douglas stood beneath the Rio Olympic Arena, still in her Team USA leotard, trying hard to understand how she had become the most unpatriotic athlete in Rio. Tears welled in her eyes. She tried hard to talk but no words came out. Her pauses were long and uncomfortable.

    “I’ve been trying to stay off the internet because there’s so much negativity,” she said.


    The attacks against her have been everywhere these last few days. If it wasn’t the bullies berating her for not putting her hand over her heartwhile the US national anthem played, it was people attacking her for not jumping up and cheering hard enough for team-mates at the all-around final. There were even renewals of old criticisms that her hair wasn’t straight enough. All of this prompted her mother, Natalie Hawkins, to tell Reuters this weekend, that Douglas is “heartbroken”.

    “I mean, you do [Olympics] for your country, and you do it for yourself, and you do it for other people … and I step back and I’m like: wait, what did I do to disrespect the people? How have I offended them? What have I done? When I stand back I’m like: what? I was standing in respect for USA. I’m coming out there representing them to the best of my abilities, so how would I be in disrespect?




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    1. Has the whole country become spiteful hillbots?