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This is brutal! SV's sports group was jumping every day!

  • Green Dog Dem (1466 posts)
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    This is brutal! SV's sports group was jumping every day!

    We just had three of the top four in college hoops choke on the same night! Better still, Puke is below .500 in the ACC!! And… (crickets) 

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    Aloha! KamaAina in the hale (house).

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  • Doremus Jessup (1981 posts)
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    1. I'm happy anytime the Pukester's go down in defeat.

    Same with the Jayhawk’s and Tarheel’s. Go Zags! Number 1!!! I don’t really have a favorite team anymore. Grew up a Hoosier fan until 4 out of 9 became a quorum and Coach Knight was run off by Miles Brand. If you are going to fire a coach at least do it legally. Also rooting for Northwestern to reach the tournament for the first time ever.

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