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Tom Brady Loses in THE most heartbreaking(for him) manner!

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      I have respected and despised Tom Brady for many years. He may be the best NFL quarterback ever in terms of sheer talent and football field smarts, but he’s at least as big an asshole as John Elway is, and that’s sayin’ something.

      So it was nice to see the Rams, and Mike Stafford, the long-suffering Detroit Lions QB before he went to LA a couple of years ago, drive down the field and kick a winning field goat with time expiring to deny Bratty another trip to the AFC Championship Game. And after Brady had just brought Tampa Bay back from a 14 point deficit just a few seconds before.

      Ouch! Did that one hurt, Tom? I really do hope it did. Congrats to Stafford, a good, smart NFL quarterback who finally has a good offensive line and time to think before he throws. And to Von Miller–he physically beat the fuck out of Brady, drew blood even, in the first half.

      Now if only the Niners will get knocked out. I can’t stand the Shanahans any more than I like Brady. Then there honestly won’t be a team or coach left that I don’t actually like.

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      Love it, the Goats and the Lambs entertaining the masses with an upset. More, please!

      BTW: Born, raised and currently living in L.A., I loathe the Lambs  🙁

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      The Rams were very good and were frustrating the BUCS in the first half.

      What I found annoying was the senseless penalties commited by the Bucs in the 1st half.

      One Tampa Bay player got angry, took off his helmet, and threw it on the ground — 15 yards penalty.

      Another Tampa Bay Buc sacked the the quarterback, got up and started shouting at the quarterback. Instead of ten yard loss (the sack), it became a 15 yard penalty — unsportsmanship conduct.

      Then Tom Brady was sacked. He received a bloody lip and thought the ref should have thrown a flag for “roughing the passer”. Brady scolded the referee — 15 yard penalty against Brady for unsportsman like conduct. Things did turn around in the second half.

      Amazing the Bucs came back to tie the game. I thought it was going into overtime. Stafford played very well. Better than Brady did, but Brady didn’t have much time to throw the ball. Good Rams defense.

      So far this weekend all three underdog teams won. And all three won with a field goal as the game ended.

      The two teams that had a “bye week” lost.

      Now I’m rooting for the Buffalo Bills. It’s 17-14 Kansas City in the 3rd quarter. Another close one.

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