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Zag's get upset by BYU.

  • Doremus Jessup (1981 posts)
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    Zag's get upset by BYU.

    Being a former Hoosier fan and following the 1976 unbeaten team, the last team to go through a season without a loss in the Men’s NCAA basketball, I’m not sure how I feel about the loss. They have gotten very little respect. Maybe they can stay a number 1 seed and make some real noise in the tournament. With quite a few first year players and all but 2 players coming back, this team will be worth watching for the next 13 months. I’m ready for a small college to win for a change. Butler is always dangerous in the tournament.

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  • quinn (68 posts)
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    1. Watched the end of that the other night

    Was a good game, BYU win on the road. Forget, think they were down at haftime but can’t remember how much. That was first game, other than a Nova game that really watched this season, Madness and the brackets coming up, as always gonna be fun.

  • quinn (68 posts)
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    2. I hope get to see the Washington Huskie

    Women’s team play, one televized my way. ┬áReading one of the players put in 57pts or something like that a wk or so back. Scoring machine, leading the ncaa. Maybe the toury, if they are in.