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Anchorage piecing together homeless initiatives but gaps remain

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    Anchorage piecing together homeless initiatives but gaps remain

    A quarter-million dollars spent on Anchorage homeless initiatives this summer paid for good work by nonprofits, officials reported to members of the Anchorage Assembly Wednesday.

    But some officials said the city needs to do more to move beyond helping individuals and focus on the big picture — moving people out of tent camps and emergency shelters and into apartments with access to a net of services.

    At the same time, one official also kept the focus on a single troubled soul. Alison Kear, head of Covenant House, brought to the meeting a bag containing the ashes of Tucker Sauder, the son of Bean’s Cafe director Lisa Sauder who died after a suspected heroin overdose in early December. Kear pointed to Tucker Sauder’s ashes to call for better access to drug treatment in Anchorage.


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    1. It's bad enough to be homeless in the lower 48.

    Homeless in Alaska could be a death sentence.

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