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The Voice of Poverty and Disability

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For our brother, Dragonfli.

  • davidthegnome (1433 posts)
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    For our brother, Dragonfli.

    I know that life is hard for so many of us right now.  That our circumstances often seem impossible.  That life, illness, disability and poverty beats the hell out of us and never stops hurting.  What I also know though… is that there are heroes among us, here.  I have read your stories, I have benefited from your compassionate hearts and your noble minds.  I would also like to say that…

    When I shared my own story of struggle not long ago, I felt that my life had no purpose.  I felt that it was okay to give up on my future, that it didn’t matter.  That I would simply continue to exist in poverty and in misery.  Many people reached out to me with kindness and compassion, with empathy and wisdom.  I would ask that you all share that same sentiment, that same caring with our Brother, Dragonfli.

    Dragonfli, who helped give me some purpose when he suggested I host this group.  Dragonfli, who has suffered beyond what even I have suffered.  Who is feeling, much as I have felt and often feel, beaten by the circumstances.  He is on the verge of losing his internet, he is on oxygen that he can only use at night now, he’s stopped taking his medications.  (I do not share this with the public on my own – I refer to a post he made earlier)

    The wisdom and nobility, the compassion, intelligence… and kind-hearted support I have received from Dragonfli has moved me deeply.  It has helped inspire me to keep on writing, to keep on trying to make a difference.  Please, reach out to him in his hour of need and ask what you can do to help.  He is in desperate need – and we are all brothers and sisters here.

    I would address this to Dragonfli personally:

    My Brother, you are not alone.  In this struggle we may be ignored and forgotten, we may be damned, kicked around and beaten down, but we are STILL HERE.  This struggle is not only for you or I, but for us all.  In helping you, we help ourselves.  In helping ourselves, we enable ourselves to help each other.  Let us unite, let us combine and fight this fight until we no longer can.  I beg you to hold on, to keep on keeping on, to share your great wisdom and compassion with the world.  We need you.  We need your voice.  You asked me to administer this forum – but yours is as much the voice of poverty and disability as mine.  Your heart is such that it can move mountains and part seas.

    We need you – I need you.  You showed me love and compassion when I was all but ready to lose hope completely.  It is in your honor, with the greatest and humblest of respect and admiration for your heroism and dedication, that I endeavor to do the same for you.

    I beg you to keep reaching out.  To fight for yourself, because that is the fight for me, and for us.  It is a fight in which we are combined, united, in which we share one deeply passionate and compassionate goal… to END poverty and the suffering that results.  To lift each other up.  Please, let me help in any way I can.  I can’t do much, but I can write – and I can use that to help raise funds.  Let me try.  Let me try to pay it forward.

    Others here have helped me with their compassionate hearts and noble spirits – and they have also contributed financially.  None of us are alone in this struggle.


    Please, everyone, reach out to our Brother Dragonfli.  Let us all humbly request that he hang on and permit us to help as we can.  There but for the grace of God go you or I.  I will never accept that there is no way to help such a noble spirit, such a compassionate, wonderful, and heroic individual as Dragonfli.  Let’s do this – because he is utterly worthy – because we are all utterly worthy.  May the universe and whatever powers exist within it bless him – and all of us.

    Love and respect for you all – we are in this together.

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11 replies
  • Haikugal (6816 posts)
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    1. Is there any way we can help him keep his wifi..?

  • Bluesuedeshoes (2395 posts)
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    2. Everyone loves that Dragonfli! Where can I send some do re mi?

  • sabrina (5942 posts)
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    3. I am sure we can find a way to keep Dragonfli online.

    Is there a place that we can donate?  It can’t be a whole lot to pay for internet service for a while.

    I would definitely be willing to send a little to help out.


  • davidthegnome (1433 posts)
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    4. Just want to clear something up.

    Dragonfli has not requested assistance – I did this own my own in an effort to help.  He does not want financial assistance though.

    “There is no distinctly native American criminal class save Congress.” - Mark Twain
    • Haikugal (6816 posts)
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      6. Maybe not David but we might be able to help him with a few dollars.

      We are selfish enough to want his voice here because he helps us by sharing his views and thoughts. I, for one, want that to continue. I want to help and that is about the only way I know that I can. I hope we can do more than just voice support for him.

      • polly7 (2614 posts)
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        7. I want him on oxygen whenever he needs it, not just at night.

        I’m with you, Haikugal …. I want him to be pain-free and to breathe easily.  I want to be able to help him, even as he insists there are others worse off.  He is so giving to everyone else and doesn’t even realize how much he’s influenced so many people with his knowledge and wisdom, kindness and generosity of spirit.

        • Haikugal (6816 posts)
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          8. I'm with you Polly! Everything you've said I've thought.

  • Utopian Leftist (555 posts)
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    5. ALL or NOTHING!

    EVERY voice matters!

    EVERY soul is important and possesses the potential to serve a vital purpose for the higher good of ALL!

    EVERY breath we take should express our renunciation of the deceptive LIES that surround and nearly engulf us, daily.

    NEVER give in to those complacent fools who regularly content themselves with the lesser of two EVILS!

    NEVER accept that worldwide poverty and war are inevitable: it is only the acceptance or denial of those things, which makes them so COMMON!

    AND NEVER doubt that the empathetic, compassionate LOVE WE FEEL for the least of those among us, makes US infinitely more powerful than the elitist snobs who hog the lion’s share of Murkastan’s easily-distracted, naive and fickle public’s attention.

    EVIL does have great power in this world. It has the capacity here to outweigh the good, at times. But I promise every person who reads this that there is a HIGHER world, a higher authority and a higher consciousness that DOES SEE EVIL FOR WHAT IT IS! And when that consciousness spreads, which it WILL AND LIKE WILDFIRE, whenever enough of us awaken to tip the scales, there will be no turning back and there will be no mercy for those who still choose to remain in the worship of EVIL.

    In other words, our day will come! And those who are now last WILL then be known as the heroic leaders who finally bring PEACE to desperate hearts.

    The beatdown Hillary was handed had nothing to do with Bernie Bros, Russia, a VRWC, Comey, the FBI, the media, sexism, racism or any other ism you can think of. It was a referendum on neoliberalism. It is your legacy, Obama. It’s Clinton fatigue born of endless scandals. It’s war and prison for profit. It’s criminality that dresses itself up like saintliness and looks down its nose at its victims. ~ farleftlib
  • grasswire (241 posts)
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    9. maybe he is reading this?

    Dragonfl…….many of us have needed a hand at one time or another. That is how we humans must be with each other. Sharing resources. We all benefit when one of our human family is pain free, not hungry, able to meet basic needs of life.

    And we here DEFINITELY benefit when you are able to communicate with us.

    Please allow us the honor of sharing resources with you.

    • Lorien (1776 posts)
      Profile photo of Lorien

      11. Agreed! Heck, I even have medication that I never took

      that I might be able to share, depending on what’s needed. It may not be legal, but my friends and I have helped each other out with prescription meds many times over the years. If we get a new prescription that we don’t react well to, we simply set it aside. Eventually a friend will have a prescription for the same thing that they can’t afford to renew, so we pass it along.

  • grasswire (241 posts)
    Profile photo of grasswire

    10. and David?

    You have really grown since I first started following your essays over “there”. You are a fine and caring person.