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The number is 1,040,000

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    The number is 1,040,000

    Interesting number. One million forty thousand. That’s a lot of families.

    That is the number of families that could be receiving $10,000 extra this year to fight rampant poverty in the US. Think about that. That’s families, children and single parents and all of them getting an extra little bit to make life just a little easier. So, where did I get this magical number? Well, it seems that Americans will be wagering approximately 10.4 BILLION dollars on March madness this year.

    If we’re talking about families here, then that’s a city with a population of 3 million or so people. That’s how many we could give a helping hand to in one fell swoop this year alone. And it will be wagered away this March. Some will get rich, most will lose it all, and the poor never had a chance to get anything except their contempt.

    You think it’s just the government that has it all wrong? Or is the government just a reflection of America and it’s attitude toward the poor? Everyone is always asking “Where is the money going to come from?” when asked to end poverty. Well, maybe we should make them put as much toward a fund for the poor as they bet on something.  Just legalize the whole rotten thing and tax the same amount as that wagered.

    Sure as shit stinks something will happen then…..

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