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There is no safety net

  • KaliDurga (282 posts)
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    There is no safety net

    My middle child has recently moved back with her father and me. She has been working since she was 16 years old and she was a certified CMA and is working on becoming a Physicians Assistant. She had lived with her sister for several years, but well they’ve had a falling out. No I don’t know why and I don’t do that interfering thing or prying as if I would get straight answers from two different sources anyway.

    So, she has 0 dollars and 0 cents to her name at the moment. She has a temporary job. She still has bills, like a car payment, phone, and other things you need to have to get a job and keep a job in today’s job market. She is now working as a temp at a UPS center. Monday she gets a job upgrade so it will be a little more money.

    Now, as for what I believe is going on is that my daughter is very likely bi-polar. She believes she is Wonder Woman at times and takes on way too many things at once like working full time, going to school full time, and trying to walk 7-10 miles a day. She has only recently realized that she has anxiety issues and that she might be bi-polar. She hates the medication she had taken a year or so ago, so she stopped. Most the time she is a very responsible person, but like I said at other times she gets into situations because she things she can do it all then she crashes.

    We are working on finding resources to make her financial situation better. She has never used a food shelf, but she is going to have to get used to that. I introduced her to Fare Share so she can reduce her food bill a bit. She is going to apply for Medical Assistance so she can get her allergy medications and possibly she will look into medication to deal with being bi-polar if that is the case.

    I think we have a whole lot of people in this country that have mental health issues that aren’t diagnosed they are the walking wounded and they aren’t diagnosed because they are functioning to a degree, they are bright, and articulate. So, their mental health issues go unnoticed. They don’t ask for help themselves because we have a culture that shames people with mental health issues and still thinks that a person should pull themselves up by their boot straps even if those straps are cut to pieces.

    If you appear to be physically healthy and are both bright and articulate, there is almost a 100% chance that if you find yourself homeless you aren’t going to be able to access things like SNAP or get a General Assistance loan to help ease your temporary or permanent entry into the world of unemployment.

    I am confident that my daughter will be able to hang on until the 2nd of September when she gets her first check. I have a bit of money I can loan her for food and gas. But, as I type this I wonder how many people have no family at all to help them in this kind of situation that has very likely been made worse by some undiagnosed condition or even without a condition at all. Sometimes life alone will throw you a curve ball and several crisisies hit them at once like an accident or illness ,a major car repair, and a lay off for example. There is nothing out there for an apparently healthy adult who has run into life’s problems if they don’t have any family at all to rely on they are going to be living in their cars and they are going to be hungry at least until they can get a first check, we all know that can take up to three weeks after you have gotten a job.

    And all this isn’t to mention the shame of having no safety net not even for our returning Veterans. We have a long long long way to go before we can claim we give a damn about people who need help when we don’t even care about Vets, students, and other vulnerable adults. This isn’t a call for help, this is just a rant pure and simple. Perhaps I will add my own rant to the forum as I have a whole lot of issues as well, but for now this is what I am currently dealing with and it’s so much worse for my daughter who is living the nightmare of trying to get a job, to pay off her summer class, get brakes for her car, make the payment for her car, and feed herself without having to depend on other people to bridge the gap. Like I said I can help her out now in the short term. But, what I haven’t mentioned until now is we are going to have to work together to find a long term housing solution for both of us. I don’t feel we can stay with her father he is completely stressing her out by second guessing everything she does including what she decides to eat.

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  • Marym625 (28368 posts)
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    1. I'm sorry you're going through so much

    I’m sure there are millions out there that are hardly getting by. And millions more that are only getting through because of family help.

    Sadly, we know there are millions who have no where to go.

    I’m glad your daughter has you. :hug:

    Take Action #StopFCC https://www.battleforthenet.com/breaktheinternet/ "Once the decision was made to go into Iraq as an invader and occupier,  it’s like our nation lost its conscience. And it has not yet gotten that conscience back." Madfloridian  
    • KaliDurga (282 posts)
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      2. Thank you so much for posting this

      This is the reality so many refuse to see. I hope it gets better not just for us, but for everyone. Someone once said an injury to one is an injury to all. I believe that.

      • Marym625 (28368 posts)
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        3. so do I

        And the harm being done is increasing exponentially.

        Take Action #StopFCC https://www.battleforthenet.com/breaktheinternet/ "Once the decision was made to go into Iraq as an invader and occupier,  it’s like our nation lost its conscience. And it has not yet gotten that conscience back." Madfloridian  
  • Enthusiast (11192 posts)
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    4. Sorry about your daughter's predicament.

    This country doesn’t have to be so heartless, it’s a choice.

    "The NSA’s capability at any time could be turned around on the American people, and no American would have any privacy left, such is the capability to monitor everything. There would be no place to hide."  Frank Church "When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it." - Frederic Bastiat, 1848
  • Dragonfli (1351 posts)
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    5. You are absolutely correct, there is nothing left but the tattered remains.

    Since it’s destruction, and ever continuing weakening, welfare is at best a time bomb of homelessness deliberately set up to not only be temporary, but require you to work in a slave like manner for a meager stipend (the work does not add to the amount received a single penny) it is designed, I believe to reduce those that can not find work in the allotted time before one is cut off, to almost certainly ensure homelessness. The only reason I still receive benefits past the allotted time is because everyone knows I am disabled including social services and I have to prove every six months the case is still pending (a letter from my lawyer does that, but I still have to fill out the entirety of the easy to make mistakes on and not receive benefits application each time I do so.

    Assuming your daughter had received the full benefits allowed, SNAP for food, Medicaid for health (Now at least in my state run entirely by Corporate insurance companies) and cash for one’s non food expenses, all of them, from rent, utilities and car ,maintenance and gassing; down to such common sundry necessities such as toilet paper, soap and anything else one needs to live that cannot be placed on the EBT food portion of assistance.

    It varies from county to county and according to the amount of people in the household needing assistance. I can only speak for my county and as a single person home, but my total cash allowance is a bit over $325 a month, in my area one can not even afford rent on such a stipend let alone utilities, or basic sundries and owning, paying insurance on, and feeding gas to a car is out of the question. I understand that Some areas allow for more and others less, mostly less I imagine as I live in Dark Blue NYS in Erie County. One can simply not survive on that even if one manages the many purposefully designed hurdles to fill out the paperwork exactly right and also have all documents requested in order to receive assistance.

    In my case, I use the cash allowance as follows, I have $250 sent as a voucher for rent (it does not cover my rent, but I have lived here and known my landlord for over thirty years and thus far he has taken a personal hit to his fixed income as an elderly man in his late eighties, mostly because he trusts me after all this time as previous to being too disabled to work, I was never late, and made minor repairs on his house during that period as a favor when needed. I can only afford the roof over my head because of his trust, generosity and faith that when/if My SSDI comes through (an earned benefit I payed a large portion of money to over many years years). The rest goes to the electric bill via voucher that does not cover it fully, I would have had that shut off as the amount arrears has been adding up over time, but I am only safe from a power shut off because I require oxygen supplementation, this is provided by an electrically run Oxygen concentrator and an emergency back-up canister, where I live the power utility may not turn off my power in such a case where the lack of it would destroy my supply of oxygen, I suppose I am lucky in a way that I need it. There is no money at all for natural gas, and so I do without it, living with Buffalo winters that would kill those that unlike me had learned in my youth how to survive such cold extremes (I spent much of my teenage years homeless and learned how to keep warm even when the house temp is well below freezing, I do have a bit of luck in that my water heater is an electric one I installed myself for my landlord when the last one died, luckily I also possessed the electrical and plumbing skills to add a new 220 breaker run the  water intake and output where short and cap off the gas line (it must be done and inspected even if (one’s gas  is shut off). Sundries are a problem, Catholic Charities helps as much as they can with that, but I have to stretch everything in order to maintain basic hygiene and simply have resigned myself to wearing thread bare cloths I can not replace.

    SNAP allows me a little over $180 in food credits on my EBT card, and lacking transportation and the ability to walk far, I survive on unhealthy food from a local pharmacy and a gas station/deli. It would be impossible to afford even with transportation healthy unprocessed organic food that I once thrived on.

    Medicaid is good in that for the first time in my life, I have no co-pays, but the insurance companies that run it save/make their money by offering ridiculously low reimbursement rates and so my choice of doctors is very limited as many do not accept the insurance.

    TANF, SNAP, Medicaid and even social security have succumbed via both parties (oddly more by Dems than Republicans) to starve the beast policies that have destroyed our safety net, leaving only tattered threads in place. I hope all works out for your daughter, but unless it can without a proper safety net, she will be served homelessness instead.

    Good luck, I hope all turns out well. I really mean that as I have lived all forms of poverty our “great country” has to offer and I wish only a better life for others, especially the young and precious among us.

    I have just written a response that describes the troubles of my youth, it is off topic, but perhaps it will give you some comfort knowing that with your help, your daughter will not (hopefully) have to live such a fate. Perhaps I will even adapt most of it to make it a proper OP here. I have been neglecting my duties to this group, due to many reasons, an increase in medical appointments of late and a general further loss of health, but such is no excuse. David, whom would normally have filled in for me and taken better care has recently had a family emergency he is currently busy dealing with.

    You posted this in the proper place, I regret I did not reply sooner. Denny, AKA Dragonfli.

    “We must dissent from the indifference. We must dissent from the apathy. We must dissent from the fear, the hatred and the mistrust. We must dissent from a nation that has buried its head in the sand, waiting in vain for the needs of its poor, its elderly, and its sick to disappear and just blow away. We must dissent from a government that has left its young without jobs, education or hope. We must dissent from the poverty of vision and the absence of moral leadership. We must dissent because America can do better, because America has no choice but to do better.” Thurgood Marshall