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17th c. Danish bishop’s turd identified

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    17th c. Danish bishop’s turd identified

    A piece of poo recovered from a latrine in Aalborg, Denmark, has been identified as the likely product of the colon of 17th century bishop Jens Bircherod. It was excavated from the latrine of the Aalborg bishop’s palace when the structure was demolished in 1937 for construction of Budolfi Square in the city center. The stool was of no interest to archaeologists at the time — poop studies have only recently come to be appreciated as the motherlode of information they are — but it was embedded in a broken bottle. The bottle and some Delft porcelain were put in a cardboard box and stored at the Moesgaard Museum. Researchers came across the historic turd while doing research on the thriving immigrant communities of Early Modern (1450-1650) Aalborg, Aarhus, Elsinore and Nya Lödöse.

    Cherry pits and one hazelnut were visible with the naked eye, but detailed archaeobotanical analysis of the crap discovered the pooper’s diet was varied and high quality. It was replete with seeds, nuts, cloudberries, blackberries, peppercorns and exotic fruits like figs and grapes. The cloudberry, imported from Norway, is the earliest found in Denmark. The pepper was imported from India and was a luxury good.

    The smoking gun was the presence of buckwheat…..

    More! at: http://www.thehistoryblog.com/archives/44950


    I confess; I stumbled across the poo, I just had to post the article.

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    1. Science and history march on!

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    2. And he becomes famous for his poop!

    But I am intrigued about the cloudberry, I’ll look it up.

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    3. Fastinating!

    For inquiring minds like mine!

    Bookmarked for further research.

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