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Barnado's Releases Photos Of U.K.'s First Fostered Children

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    Barnado's Releases Photos Of U.K.'s First Fostered Children

    Today, the U.K.’s largest children’s charity, Barnardo’s, released previously unseen photographs of the first fostered children from the Victorian period. Back then, social workers didn’t exist and there was no notion of the welfare state.

    To celebrate the charity’s 150th anniversary, Barnardo’s hopes that more people will come forward to care for the estimated 52,000 children currently in foster care across the country.


    In 1887, Thomas Barnardo, an Irish philanthropist who believed that the U.K’s most vulnerable children deserved appropriate care, sent 320 impoverished young boys to live with rural villagers in the south and east of England.

    As a pioneer and the founder of the charity Barnardo’s, he was the first to introduce the idea of foster care in Britain. By the time Thomas Barnardo died in 1905, the charity had opened 96 homes caring for more than 8,500 children from overcrowded, heavily polluted slums.

    more at http://www.newsweek.com/bernados-releases-photos-uks-first-fostered-children-493842

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    1. He truly deserves to be remembered.