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Byzantium 1200

  • Uncle Nutsy (119 posts)
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    Byzantium 1200

    This site features a graphical recreation of the “Queen of Cities”, along with all its great monuments, at the height of its beauty and grandeur as the great imperial capital of the Byzantine Empire….although, for accuracy’s sake, that may not have been quite around 1200 AD (My bet would be more like 600-800 AD).


    The site’s a little long in the tooth (It’s definitely not optimized for high-res monitors and hasn’t been updated in ages) but it’s still quite unique.

    Here’s a quick sample of what they’ve done:

    The Million, which showed the distances from that spot to all the other great cities in the empire.


    The Hagia Sophia: The most famous and spectacular church in the medieval world.

    The Hippodrome: While the Western Roman Empire had slipped beneath the waves of the Dark Ages, and its former citizens struggled simply to feed themselves with no leisure time, Constantinople’s residents (at least during the late antiquity/early-medieval period) were still able to attend great races at the Hippodrome and enjoy other recreations.

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  • Haikugal (6816 posts)
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    1. Thanks for this. I'll enjoy visiting tomorrow!


    • Uncle Nutsy (119 posts)
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      2. You're very welcome. Enjoy!

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