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Does one have to be a Nerd to join?

  • ThomPaine (3047 posts)
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    Does one have to be a Nerd to join?

    Never mind, I qualify.  I was a nerd long before it became cool.  I think Maynard Kreps was the first cool nerd (maybe not technically a nerd but you get the idea) and then took off with Weird Science.  Nerds have to be cool if they can be friends with Kelly Le Brock.

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    aka rhett o rick.     The rich treat us like ants. They may avoid stepping on us, but if our home is in the way of their new swimming pool, we can kiss our ants goodbye.

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  • Haikugal (4801 posts)
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    1. Nerds rule!!

      Be the bird.....       Hey DNC! Up Yours! It's ON!!
  • HoneyBadger (36 posts)
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    3. I'm guessing it helps!

  • dorkzilla (2287 posts)
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    4. Do you know any history aficionados who aren't at least closeted nerds?

    Even the cool looking ones on Time Team with dreadlocks and such were all nerds. I had pink hair in high school (back in ’80 when it wasnt a thing) and dressed like a punk. Guess what–giant nerd.

    Love your When the Whistle Blows icon. Are you having a laugh?

    • DookDook (267 posts)
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      5. And what's wrong with nerds?

      Love that Patsy Stone icon, btw.

      My wife was a cheerleader in High School and she is a huge nerd, heck, she’s a big enough nerd to marry me, and I was born middle-aged!

      ETA:  I also want to say that I based a lot of my smooth high-school girl pickup act based on Dobie Giles, it worked out about as well for me as it did for him.


      • dorkzilla (2287 posts)
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        6. Nothin' wrong with nerds

        I’m a nerd, my hubby is a nerd, my dad is a nerd…my favorite people on the planet are nerds.