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Language does not lie

  • Ichingcarpenter (4151 posts)
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    Language does not lie

    Victor Klemperer (1881-1960), a professor of literature in Dresden, was Jewish; through the efforts of his wife, he survived the war. From 1933 when Hitler came to power to the war’s end, he kept a journal paying attention to the Nazis’ use of words. This film takes the end of 1945 as its vantage point, with a narrator looking back as if Klemperer reads from his journal. He examines the use of simple words like “folk,” “eternal,” and “to live.” Interspersed are personal photographs, newsreel footage of Reich leaders and of life in Germany then, and a few other narrative devices. Although he’s dispassionate, Klemperer’s fear and dread resonate.

    It makes you really think about not only the language we use in our ever day life but how old words gave rise to new meanings at a time when even being outside when you were not supposed to could get you killed. Victor Klemperer made a wonderfully detailed diary that is brought to the screen with wonderful moments of joy mixed in with the pain and horror of what was happening around him on a daily basis.


    His diary really studies the language change and the new meanings he was finding as it was slowly changed to the NAZI way of thinking. It is a film you will enjoy and now the narration is in english for the first time. Don’t forget he was a professor of Literature in Dresden.


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  • Haikugal (6814 posts)
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    1. I'm half way through and have to take a rest. What a horror.

    Thanks for this post. The video is very informative. My education continues.