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One of my favorite websites

  • Pakhet (200 posts)
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    One of my favorite websites

    And a very interesting article

    The Children of King Stephen

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  • Haikugal (4801 posts)
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    1. I'll come back and read more later, Thanks!

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  • cui bono (926 posts)
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    2. Hehe… just came from the Movies/TV forum and read that as Stephen King.

    Was wondering what the site would be like!  :mrgreen:

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  • Idaho progressive (171 posts)
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    3. Oh thats great!

    I just started The Plantagenets this morning at the hospital and just read this part, and find your post this evening!

    mmmm serendipity ! ?

    • dorkzilla (2287 posts)
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      4. Are you reading the Dan Jones book?

      I’ve got Plantagenet blood in me so I’m really interested in the subject, so I’d love to know which book you’re reading and how you like it.

      Although I admit through that Plantagenet (Matilda’s) line, I’ve got some really horrible people. King John anyone?

      • Idaho progressive (171 posts)
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        5. Yes it is the

        Dan Jones book, I just started it, I’ll get back to you on how it is but it is starting well.