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The Hollow Crown

  • DookDook (267 posts)
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    The Hollow Crown

    Not sure if anyone else watched PBS’s series, The Hollow Crown but they just announced that part two of the series will be airing this December on PBS.

    The first series consisted of Shakespeare’s Richard II, Henry IV Part 1, Henry IV Part 2, and Henry V.  The second cycle of plays will be Henry VI part 1, Henry VI part 2, and Richard III.  (Spoilers, Richard ends up in a car park)

    The first series was amazing and I plan on watching them through again before the second cycle starts up.

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  • historylovr (192 posts)
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    1. Cool.

    I’ve just watched Richard II and Henry IV part 1, and I’m looking forward to seeing how their Henry V compares with Branagh’s, which I absolutely love. Will be interesting to see how they do the rest as well.

  • Debbiecdc (159 posts)
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    2. I'm looking forward to watching all of these

    Haven’t started the series as yet though, but this is just my cup of tea!

    Branagh’s Henry V was just so magnificent, it will be hard to compete with.

    I am a huge Cumberbatch fan so his Richard III is going to be very high on my list of must see.  I saw him do Hamlet on stage in London last October and he was mesmerizing.  It was a different interpretation, not the classical.  Along the lines of the Richard III film interpretation (with Ian McKellen as Richard) with the Lancasters and the Yorks as Britain vs. the Nazis in WWII and Cumberbatch’s Hamlet was that sort of genre adaptation.