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These Bronze Age Humans Were History's Biggest Weed Dealers

  • Ichingcarpenter (4151 posts)
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    These Bronze Age Humans Were History's Biggest Weed Dealers

    About 5,000 years ago, a mysterious tribe poured into Europe and Asia from the steppes of modern-day Russia and Ukraine. With them, they brought valuable knowledge of metalworking, horseback riding, and technology such as the wheel.

    But historians believe these ancient migrants were also packing another precious commodity: none other than the finest marijuana the Caucasus had to offer. And according to new research, recently published in Vegetation History and Archaeobotany, it appears they were once the drug dealers of the entire Eurasian continent.

    Anthropologists suspect the Yamnaya people were among the three or four prehistoric cultures that eventually founded Western civilization—flooding Europe with new languages, genetic admixture, and metal tools that marked the advent of the Bronze Age. At the very same time, they also ventured east, into China and central Asia.

    This tribe of nomadic herders originated in a territory called the Pontic-Caspian, andmay have spoken Proto-Indo-European, the ancestor of hundreds of Indo-European languages used today. Some populations, such as Norwegians, can trace up to 50 percent of their DNA lineage to these ancient peoples.


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  • Debbiecdc (159 posts)
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    1. HAHAHA, that's hysterical

    Bronze age stoners

    • dorkzilla (2517 posts)
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      2. If they were less recent in history and used clay

      to make themselves appear darker they’d be stone aged bronzers.