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We need a welcome post and your link to the love history

  • Ichingcarpenter (3815 posts)
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    We need a welcome post and your link to the love history

    OK… me first

    I had a minor in American and European history then a major in Pol Sci

    I am right now into the history of the earliest origins of  man, 120,000 years ago and what is the true history. Megaliths, ice age melting and the civilizations that died

    History is not a science but history of either myth tellers or power brokers. Which I guess are one in the same.


    I’ve taught both elementary and High School History from K-12

    I took apple’s university course from Yale on line on the Greeks… its free.

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  • Idaho progressive (171 posts)
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    1. Ok, I'll go next

    I’ve always love history not sure why, Quit school and got my GED and was in the navy at seventeen. I left after ten years (bubblehead) went back to school at a tech college for computers, kicked around at various jobs for nine years then went back to sea on the commercial side which I’m still doing. It’s kinda of why I disappear for months at a time. I’m not sure why I love history but I like all of it, ancient to modern, bios of people to a distant mirror. I feel it tells us who we are and if you pay attention what to look out for. Something our current leaders should be aware of and are not.

  • Debbiecdc (159 posts)
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    2. OK, me next

    Born a history nerd.  My dad was a history buff and passed it along to me.  Did a history minor in college.  The chairman of the history department came to me after I did my first essay exam for him and asked me why I wasn’t majoring in history.  I told him quite frankly and truthfully that my parents were dead, I was putting myself through school and had to focus on a major that would give me a career that would support me (majored in combined business and psychology).  He was a good guy and let me take his advanced level history courses that were normally reserved for junior and senior history majors only.

    But I never lost my love of history, even though finances forced me to abandon any thoughts of a career as an archeologist in order to make a living.  I always say I wanted to be Indiana Jones before there WAS an Indiana Jones.


  • dorkzilla (2402 posts)
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    3. Born a history nerd

    Double major in history and art history.  Never stop reading about it, watching history docs and travel is exclusively to destinations to feed my history/art/architecture addiction – you’ll never catch me on a beach for a holiday.

  • ThomPaine (3550 posts)
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    4. Hey, Hey, I just like history. Jeeeze


    aka rhett o rick.     The rich treat us like ants. They may avoid stepping on us, but if our home is in the way of their new swimming pool, we can kiss our ants goodbye.
  • historylovr (175 posts)
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    5. My turn I guess.

    I’ve always been a history nerd, and I have a B. A. in the field. I particularly love the Plantagenets, but also broader English and European history. I’m not crazy about American, except for Colonial and Native stuff. I’m also into genealogy.

  • HoneyBadger (36 posts)
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    6. I have always loved history!

    I have a BA and an MA in history, I love American, architectural, and art history.  I love to hang out in museums. I am a certifiable “Civil War Bore”.   Most of my reading is about history.  Can’t wait to read Philbrick’s latest : “Valiant Ambition”.  I highly recommend the film “In the Heart of the Sea”  based on Philbrick’s retelling of the tragedy of the whale ship Essex.