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Video: The Persian Wars, starring my hero, Themistocles of Athens

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    What? No posts in the history forum? Well, I must fix that, so I’m going to start with a great short history video from a great YouTube channel, Kings and Generals.

    This story is positively epic: The victory of the multifarious Greek city states, including nascent democracies like Athens, over the the greatest empire the world had yet seen, the autocratic, but well-run and relatively just Persian Empire which practiced such radical and popular things as freedom of religion.

    Themistocles, a man of working class origins, rose to prominence in Athens through sheer political and strategic brilliance. IOW, he was one smart motherfucker. It was he, not Leonidas of Sparta and his 300 Spartans, who was responsible for organizing and saving the Greeks. Themistocles fought naval battles with such tactical cleverness and guile that even a Viking, Mongol, or Klingon could not help but admire.

    After the events of the video below, Themistocles was ostracized, literally exiled by popular vote because the wealthier folk hated him, and eventually sought refuge with his old enemies, the Persians. King Artaxerxes, son of Xerxes whose ambitions Themistocles had destroyed, made him governor of Magnesia, a Persian province in what is now Turkey.

    This video is about 11 minutes long, and tells the true story of the Persian invasion of Greece, which is far better than any of the fictional ones, IMO:

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    Cool presentation!

    I’d heard of Xerxes, but most of the rest was new to me.

    I guess world history in my high school started closer to AD.

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