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1917. A particularly intense war movie.

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      If you like war movies in general, and Dunkirk and Saving Private Ryan in particular, you’ll like this movie. If you don’t like war movies, you won’t.

      I saw it at the theater today with my stepdaughter, who said it was “very suspenseful,” which it is. The movie is made up of several long shot sequences that bring forth the peculiar horror of World War I with interludes of beauty.

      The plot itself is relatively simple–a young English soldier and his comrade are sent on a mission to cross recently evacuated German lines to reach the division where his older brother is about to be ordered on an attack which photos from the new art of aerial reconnaissance have shown to be a carefully prepared ambush. They have orders to stop the attack before it begins, and not much time to get there.

      I won’t play spoiler, except to say the ending is somewhat satisfying.

      The credits say the movie is dedicated to Lance Corporal Mendes, who told the story. Since it’s directed by Sam Mendes, I assume the soldier was an ancestor or relative. Mendes did a great job in bringing this soldier’s story to life. The soundtrack is designed to such the viewer in, and it does. This is an intense film.

      So if you like this sort of thing, it’s definitely worth watching.

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