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After Life – Ricky Gervais

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      Six episode Netflix series.  Not typical Gervais stand-up (which I adore), but a very very funny and sweet story about a man who loses interest in life after his beloved wife dies.  Happily, there will be a season 2 – because I love all the characters.    Gervais wrote and directed and stars in it – just like The Office.   And Walder Frey is in it!

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      I have to say I enjoyed this. Much different than his standup, which I hate. Looking forward to the second season.

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      Thanks for the tip. We are always looking for a good Netflix recommendation.

      I have an Amazon recommendation:  Troop Zero.  Laughed my head off. Viola Harris acts in it and her production company also helped put it out.

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        Thank you for that tip!  I mostly watch darker stuff – just finished Marcella, and am really looking forward to the next season, but don’t have any sort of feel for the comedies.  Did not think about After Life until Gervais mentioned it in his stand-up Humanity.  Glad I watched both!

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