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Alpha. I think it's a good Stone Age story.

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      This is a Canadian movie filmed in northern Alberta, so the scenery is breathtaking. The fictional events of the movie take place somewhere in Europe 20,000 years ago.

      Basically, it’s a coming of age adventure. A teenaged boy, the son of the clan’s chief, goes through some really cool-looking rituals and then on his first hunt. During the hunt, which is very well done with some CGI help, there’s a really spectacular accident and the boy get separated from his fellow hunters who think he has died.

      He eventually gets out of that particular predicament, and decides to walk home using a tattoo of the Little Dipper(which is accurately portrayed as straight; the stars have shifted over 20 millennia), as a guide to spot the north star at night.

      On the way, he is attacked by a wolf pack and stabs the alpha bitch. Rather than kill her, and this is no surprise after you’ve seen the first part of the film, he nurses her back to health, she bonds with him, and they have all sorts of adventures on their way to the boy’s home, which also becomes the wolf’s home, of course. I won’t play spoiler, but the ending’s nice.

      Kids can watch this one, too. I found it a nice diversion while staying at home. Watched it on Starz, if you’re interested.

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      I can’t handle dog dying movies.

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