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Anyone watching 'Chernobyl'?

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    So far I think it has been riveting

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    Not yet, I see its on HBO,  I recently signed up for Netflix DVD. and I now have it in my queue, thanks.

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    My 24 YO grandson is absolutely hooked on it.  I was not real interested, but woke up last night around 2am, and watched 15 minutes – really really great, IMO.  I will be watching the first two episodes today.  Somethings to look forward to, since Game of Thrones ends tomorrow night.  Sob.

    Also, Stellan Skarsgaard and Jared Harris and Emily Watson are all in my top 10 actors I love to watch.  Never noticed Jared Harris before The Terror, but now he is a top favorite.

    Grandson and I do disagree strongly on nuclear reactors – I don’t think any more should be built, due to safety reasons, cost, and byproducts.  He insists that there are wonderfully safe plans, we are just too cheap to build them safely.  I said, no matter how safe, there is still the cost and the contaminated by-products.  We have to just drop the subject.

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    Well!  Grandson just watched episode three.  Told me that he had no idea radiation was that lethal and incurable.  How insidious and unstoppable and long-lasting the contamination could be.  We also discussed how this would have been handled in the US, and agreed that bureaucracy was a roadblock in Russia, and the corporate state was just as much, if not worse, of a roadblock in the US.  Because profits are paramount.   We had a pretty good talk about Deepwater Horizon.   He feels that okay, nuclear plants can be dangerous, but solar and wind could not power the world.

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    Mr. Mickeys Mom
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    We visited friends with HBO to catch up viewing 4 out of 5, then came back to renew our cable WITH HBO (mainly because this was done SO well). I am 65 and recall what I remember as a young adult.

    Because we have no real idea about Russia as the Soviet Union, there has been a reaction from Russia to “really tell the story”. However, the story IS how absolutely destructive this non-renewable energy source has and will continue to be.

    Our forth estate no longer exists, so now we’re gonna watch the Russians tell “their version”, when what this entire globe needs to do is work together on renewable energies WHICH ARE HERE already.

    I believe the story HBO portrayed, and I believe that it wasn’t entirely truthful from the standpoint of what the United States COULD have done… Just like the space race. Kennedy knew that we should quit having a cold war, and this is one underlying reason we can all agree was a good example of why we needed to help the USSR then and put the breaks to the bullshit military industrial complex, starting THEN.

    Hell, no... I'm not giving up...

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    Ohio Barbarian
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    I found it to be an intense, historically accurate account of an enduring disaster. The way the Soviet government and bureaucracy of that era was portrayed was probably pretty close to home. There are also some good actors in it, and that’s always a plus.

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