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Das Boot-European Union TV series(2020)

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      There’s an 8 episode long season on Hulu now, and I just finished it thanks to lots of stay-at-home time lately. This is a European Union film commission or something series in cooperation with Sky and Bavaria Films. Looks like it’s mainly Franco-German, which makes sense.

      If you like the book or the original movie, you will be disappointed if you expect the plot to follow the book. It doesn’t at all. There’s a twin plotline: There is a German U-Boat in the Atlantic in 1942 going through all sorts of weird and dangerous shit, and there’s a whole other subplot involving a Gestapo man/German woman/Communist woman & French Resistance fighter love triangle.

      One episode takes a swipe at the Bush Crime Family, not by name, but by implication. The son of a wealthy American oligarch is traded for a German U-Boat captain, and the son spills the beans on where the money to build Hitler’s fleet really came from.

      The two subplots have lots of twists and turns, a few surprises, decent submarine warfare and Nazis v. Resistance action, and I found it entertaining. I’d give this one 4 stars out of 5, but that’s me. Enjoy if you’re interested.

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