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Filmmaker sheds new light on Britain's role in 1953 Iran coup

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    This review is on AFP. An Iranian film on the 1953 coup that killed Iranian democracy. I definitely want to see this:

    Filmmaker Taghi Amirani calls them the documents that changed the fate of his country, casting light on Britain’s role in organising the overthrow of Iran’s leader six decades ago.

    His film, “Coup 53”, screened at the London Film Festival last weekend, purports to find fresh evidence that a British spy spearheaded the ousting of popular prime minister Mohammad Mossadegh in 1953.


    Amirani, an Iranian physicist turned award-winning filmmaker who has been based in London for 45 years, said finding proof that an agent from Britain’s MI6 intelligence agency coordinated the coup was “a monumental lightbulb moment”.

    “It will in a way confirm everything Iranians have been saying for decades about the Brits,” he told AFP in an interview at the festival, where his film is competing for a best documentary prize.

    Don’t worry, I’m sure the CIA will have a co-starring role. It’s just that the US government has publicly admitted its involvement; the British one never has.

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