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      Prospect—Netflix streaming

      This is an underrated, maybe even undiscovered, gem of science fiction filmmaking. It’s obviously low budget, filmed in the Pacific Northwest with cheap (but effective) special effects and yellow-green color grading to portray a toxic planet; home made but convincing costumes; little known or unknown actors, but this thing sings in its gritty reality.

      Here’s a full review. If you like science fiction, give this one a go.

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      When it’s so bad it’s good. I guess “Plan 9 From Outer Space” is the most famous example. There is also a cult classic called “Dark Star.” I’m not sure about spoofs that are intentionally bad or funny, like “Mars Attacks” and “Rocky Horror Picture Show.” Sci-fi that takes itself seriously? No way. Nothing makes me crazier than being forced to watch “Gross Encounters of the Third Kind.”

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      Recently we watched The Blob and Cloverfield. I’m a big fan of Cloverfield.

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      I started watching it, I loved how matter-of-fact they were during that landing, but I got side-tracked by “Godless”.  Which is awesome, too.

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