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'Game of Thrones' prequel on way as HBO Max launch revealed

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    (AFP) A prequel series to global TV phenomenon “Game of Thrones” has been ordered, WarnerMedia announced Tuesday, as it set out launch details for its new HBO Max streaming service.

    The new show in George RR Martin’s fictional world of Westeros will take place 300 years prior to fantasy epic “Thrones” and will be called “House of the Dragon.”

    The series will be based on the book “Fire and Blood,” which tells the story of the murderous, dragon-breeding Targaryen family.

    “It’s my pleasure to announce today that we are ordering ‘House of the Dragon’ straight to series for HBO,” Casey Bloys, president of programming, told a Los Angeles launch event for HBO Max.

    Full story here.

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    I heard they canned the other prequel of GoT they were planning, set back at the beginning of the long night and rise of the white walkers. Oh well, hopefully this one is good.

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      To be honest I think that cancellation was a good thing.

      Game of Thrones set the White Walkers up, from episode 1, to be the looming existential threat to Westeros. Multiple seasons were spent building the tension, showing their power, and constantly pressing “Winter is Coming.” Multiple story arcs are pounded out to make them seem implacable, terrifying, and imminent.

      And then they are utterly defeated in a single episode, by a single gut-stab by a knife by Pixie Ninja (who to be clear, is my favorite character.) All that buildup, all that angst, all that prep and focus… and they just get ruined in a single night by what, about two thousand people in Winterfell? And the damnable thing? it changed nothing. There was no ramifications to this supposedly massively important event. Some B-list characters died (RIP Edd, you were my second favorite) but there was nothing besides that – no one even fucking mentioned those dead characters ever again! The plot just chugged right along to the King’s Landing stuff, ’cause the writers were obviously in a huge fucking hurry.

      So in effect, the white walkers got this insane buildup… and proved to be an utter joke. Less of a threat than the creepy Bolton kid, even. Walder fucking Frey was a more crucial and meaningful antagonist than the fucking Night King.

      So with that in mind? There;s no way that a “white walker prequel series” could ever be successful; we already know all the details of how that story ends, and we know it’s a lame ending. Why would we want to watch the beginning of a story we already know is going to end as a joke?


      I suppose you could make the same argument with Blood and Fire – we know how the last of the Targaryens ends up, so what’s the point? The difference is that the “Long Night” series would literally be a retelling of a story we’ve already seen, just with a (mostly) different cast of characters doing the same things we’ve already seen. A Blood and fire series though, gives us all new characters, in stories we’ve never sene before, that tie into the “main” story we already know.

      It’s why “Rogue One” is a better movie than “Solo.” Yes, we already know the rebels get the plans to the Death Star, and ultimately destroy it, so there’s no “will they succeed?” tension in Rogue One. of course they do. But how they get to that one moment is very interesting, and since it’s an all-new cast of characters doing something we haven’t seen before, there’s still plenty of tension to keep you interested. Solo, on the other hand, has no tension. We already know everything we really need to know about Han Solo’s story, including how it ends. “Solo” ends up just being a heap of exposition about all the things we already know about the central character.

      a “long night” series is like that – it would only serve as a vehicle for exposition about a story and a character we already know all the important details to. a Blood and Fire series gives us a whole new cast of characters doing things we’ve never seen  before, so that even though we already know where it ultimately goes, getting there is actually interesting and dynamic.

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