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Just cancelled TV – question about streaming

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      I cancelled TV, kept internet and phone, bill went down by $100!!!! – and it was scheduled to go UP another $30 early next year because some promotional pricing thing would expire.  Was going to keep a basic TV package, until I saw that even though I don’t have a DVR and do not want a DVR, I was still going to be charged $21 a month for a DVR fee, not removable.  At that point I said fuck it, just cancel TV.   $252 a year for something I don’t have and don’t want.

      Anyway, I disconnected the box, and later we will see just how “smart” my TV is – Seiki SE42UMT.  Comes with Netflix and Youtube connectivity and a couple of other odd things.  Supposedly has WiFi, but we will be fishing an ethernet cable through the wall when we remove the coax cable and then see what I can get to – provided I have subscriptions.  If anyone knows if I cannot do this, please let me know.

      The lovely lady I talked to yesterday – we had both worked in the Netherlands, but twenty years apart, still fondly remember it in a cheery haze of big bier and bitterballen – said oh, you can watch a lot of  free TV online on your PC and then get a Fire Stick on sale for your TV set, and even if you pay for Hulu with ads, Netflix, and Prime, you still will not come close to what you were paying!   I don’t think she was being disloyal, just making me feel better.  I had already cancelled a couple of work orders because they did not tell me that getting 500/500 was only $5 more, but there is a $75 installation fee.  Or that $21 a month DVR thing.

      So – question – does anyone recommend/not recommend Fire Stick, or is there something better????  If I use it, do I have to use Alexa?  Because NO on that.  And while I can evidently connect my TV to the internet, would I need to get a wireless keyboard in order to easily navigate the net?  The remote has a lot of buttons, but typing in words seems a pain in the ass.  Also I hate to give Bezos money.

      Thank you!

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      Congrats!  My wife and I cut the cord 3 months ago. We got a Roku ‘box’ for $70. No Alexa. Wife says Roku just came out with a new model so an older model would probably go ‘cheap’,,,$60? It’s excellent. We have 20 or so ‘apps’ within Roku to access. Some are subscription of course…Sling, Hulu, can’t even recall all of them. There are so many possibilities.

      My wife decided to spend $50/month for You Tube TV which gives you virtually anything you used to get with cable. Literally. The few stations in the upper numbers of your old cable (I like Sci=Fi TV) and a few other things from the old cable provider become available with that service. Stations 3-200 are there. Add in Netflix and there’s too much to watch!

      Running ethernet is a good idea. Go for it. Roku, Oh yeah…You Tube TV gives us the local news (in our case, WMUR from Manchester NH) and we both like being able to watch local news in the AM esp.

      You’ll spend the next few months checking out all the options in terms of what you may feel it’s worth to subscribe to, but we’re saving money in the long run and have NO shortage of programs to watch.

      Any other questions, I’ll be glad to try to answer.

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      I would recommend Roku over Fire stick. We have Sling TV for streaming and an Air TV box that connects to our LAN and enables over the air broadcast channels to be integrated into the Sling TV channel guide. From my location I get 65 channels over the air added into all the ‘cable’ channels in Sling. The Roku box enables many more streaming apps and you are not connected to Amazon. You don’t need an active SlingTV subscription to use the Air TV box. Air TV box also enables you to record live broadcast TV to an external hard drive.

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      There are other things than fire stick. Roku  and Apple TV (not to be confused with the subscription service) are two.

      I have Apple TV. The newer version has a remote with voice control—no more typing in stuff letter by letter. You can also control it with an iPad and I think, iPhone. You can get Netflix, HULU, HBO, Starz and a bunch of other stuff by subscription. You can also get various news and weather channels for free.

      Smart TV by itself usually doesn’t work too well for streaming. They may be smart, but they don’t have much memory, which makes for a lot of pausing and buffering. Well worth the expense to get Fire Stick, Roku or Apple TV. There may be others that other people know about. I think Google had a dongle at one point. Don’t know if it’s still around.

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      We cut the cord years ago and never regretted it. We have an antenna on the roof, and being in Cleveland get about 40 free over the air stations. Digital broadcasting is a wonderful thing. Like others here, we bought a Roku box. It’s a one time investment. If you go that route, be sure and get the free Pluto TV, which has hundreds of channels of all sorts of things. Curiosity Stream is $5 a month for all sorts of documentaries. We also have Netflix and Hulu, for about $30 a month total, and there’s a free YouTube app on the Roku, which is where I get my Secular Talk, Humanist Report, TYT, Tim Black, etc. All free.

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      Thanks for the info and advice and the detail.   I will be taking my time choosing, because money is the main factor.  Also, everything on TV is viewable eventually.  So far, the thing I miss most is the clock on the cable box, and HGTV’s Desert Flippers and Boise Boys.  GOT is over, and there is a while before Ray Donovan and Berlin Station come back.  Also, there are so many great recaps these days that I can keep up with things I was watching.  Brave New World!  I am just happy right now that everything seems to have gone according to plan and only the TV is gone.  That is not a given these days.

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      I don’t have anything to add, which others haven’t mentioned. I just wanted to say, I cut my cable nine years ago and I’ve never once regretted it.

      I get all the networks on antenna TV. But I almost NEVER watch the TV. The only thing I watched on TV in the past year was the Oscars, or as I fondly like to call them, the Gay Olympics.

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