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Mare of Easttown and Hacks – HBO

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      Loved both of those.  And, for Mare of Easttown, how nice to hear those Philly names and accents.  when I started watching it, I only got part way through the first episode, kinda dark, but so happy I re-watched and got hooked.   Loved Hacks from the start.  Happy there will be a second season.  An aside, Dexter will be back in the fall!

      Jean Smart, IMO, deserves whatever awards are possible for both of those series.  Best Actress for Hacks, and Best Supporting Actress for Mare.  I don’t much care about the awards, used to watch just for the Ricky Gervais moments, but Jean Smart is just so good in both shows!  Plus, now I know what Fruit Ninja is!  Smart was also good in The Accountant, another one of my favorite movies.

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      Mare of Easttown just blew me away. All the actors were so good. The plot kept me guessing to the last minute.

      I love Hacks, and so happy there is a second season.

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