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The crown, season 4 Netflix streaming

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      First of all, I like this series. From season one to season four, it is brilliant. I’m astonished that the (real) crown has allowed it to air, although in my opinion, it seems quite fair. But what do I know, I’m a Yank.

      But back to season four: Gillian Anderson as “the Iron Lady” is a masterpiece of casting.

      In fact, the entire cast is inspired casting. I do find Charles’ slouch a tad annoying, but exaggerated or not, it comes across as quintessential Charles.

      I have read that this is the last season, but I hope it continues for at least one more.

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      They filmed these two series at a time as well. Sort of doubtful for a resurrection until after “and if” Covid gets under control even with the higher safety filming standards the UK has in place.

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