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The Two Popes

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      I watched this on Netflix over the weekend, figuring any movie with Anthony Hopkins can’t be bad, and I wasn’t disappointed. This is a good, well-directed, well cast and acted film. It has the capacity to make one laugh and cry.

      The plot centers around Pope Benedict XVI summoning his archrival in Catholic theology, Cardinal Badoglio of Buenos Aires, to Rome to discuss his future. Ratzsinger, “the Nazi pope,” brilliantly played by Hopkins, surprises the shit out of Badoglio by telling him that he should be Pope because he is what the church needs now. Of course, that does happen and we have Francis I.

      The memories of Francis, as he describes what he sees as his greatest failure, not speaking out against the Fascist junta that seized control of Argentina in 1976, are intensely human. As Benedict told him, and he should know, “dictatorships limit our options.”

      This is a well-done movie about two men discussing each other’s limitations, failings, and strengths. And it’s got a lot of good humor in it as well. I highly recommend this one.

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      Hopkins is brilliant. An amazingly good movie.

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      Thanks, I will watch it.  I have been putting that off because I know that HBO has made a second season of The Young Pope (Jude Law, and for me – excellent!) and that is a lot of Popes, plus the HBO premise is that there are actually two Popes (Malkovich and Law) scheming to get rid of the other.  So it would be a plethora of Popes.  But will not be getting HBO any time soon, I cancelled TV entirely (knocked $100 off my bill, between channels and box rental and bullshit fees) so may as well watch this one.  And yes, anything with Anthony Hopkins is good.

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