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Two Netflix shows to watch

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      In fact, don’t miss them.

      The Spy—This limited series, starring Sacha Baron Cohen (“Borat”), is another Netflix original based on true events. Set in the 1960s, the six-episode season follows an Israeli man who goes undercover as a secret agent inside Syria. His dual lives take a toll on himself and his family as the dangerous plan unfolds.

      I’m not a fan of Cohen’s comedy, but he excels in this dramatic series. Do be aware that this borders on, or even crosses the border of, Israeli propaganda, but it is an engrossing  series.

      Unbelievable—It is a new Netflix original series based on the real reported events found in a Pulitzer-prize winning article published by ProPublica in 2015. When a young women told police she was sexually assaulted, both her family and the authorities didn’t believe her.

      But, in another part of the country, two investigators were starting to piece together evidence of a serial rapist. “Unbelievable” tells the story of those two threads coming together with a fantastic ensemble cast.

      Outstanding cast, excellent writing. Don’t miss this. Again, I’m not a fan of Toni Collette’s off beat and sometimes hysterical comedy, but she nails it in this show. The plot development and character development are top notch.

      We need more of these limited series shows that allow writers, directors and actors to properly develop the story and characters, and fewer 6 to 14+ year series that should have stopped at 2.


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      I just started “Unbelievable” last night. Watched 2 episodes so far and it IS very good!

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