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Yay! Season 2 of Ricky Gervais' After Life on April 24!!!!

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    It is hilarious and sweet and really really uplifting.  YES, that is actually Ricky Gervais!!!! On Netflix.  I am not one for “uplifting” shows (I thought most of Forrest Gump was stupid) but Gervais is so perfectly spot-on and funny.  The show resonates with me because after my fiance died, in 1999, I went through a lot of the exact same stuff.  Basically, Gervais’ beloved wife dies and he becomes quite curmudgeonly.

    I also just watched The Rain and Black Spot and am now watching The Break.  Shows get extra points from me if the actors are randomly speaking English AND there is dubbing AND there are subtitles and none of them match.   Adds extra texture!

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