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Years and Years – HBO/BBC

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    I am really liking this six episode mini-series that HBO is showing now, it is a BBC series already televised in the UK .  Dystopian near-future, Trump has just left office after his second term, and Emma Thompson plays a politician who really reminds me of Hillary.  The US nukes a Chinese-held island, and a changing world ensues.  Less change than I would have thought.  Follows the  trials and tribulations of an English family.  Very funny and interesting.    Anyway, I started watching because of Emma Thompson, and because of Rory Kinnear, who I love from Penny Dreadful, in which  Kinnear managed to be a more compelling – and attractive! – character as a reanimated Frankenstein creature than the other male stars.  IMO and all that.  Kinnear has been given a new role in the upcoming Penny Dreadful – City of Angels, which I am looking forward to, great cast.  Anyway, just wondering if anyone else is watching/likes Years and Years!

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